Employee Health & Safety
Know your staff — and your store — are safe.

If your operation involves late night 'Lone Worker' or 'Man Down' scenarios, a RemoteCare System can ensure a smoothly monitored operation with a highly detailed audit trail.

A network of wireless sensors connected to our secure web server which receives, analyzes and stores your data for future reference. Your one worker / man down alarm system can be customized to your exact specifications and will ensure regulatory workplace safety compliance. Here's a convenience store example:

  • 10 PM, store goes into lockdown mode — employee works within a locked, contained area
  • Motion detectors react when employee leaves 'safe' area into retail space, automatically locking the front door (employees often forget to press the manual mag lock before leaving).
  • Information is automatically recorded; when the 'safe area' door was opened and front door is locked.
  • Lights can also be automated on lockdown mode and used as an automated check-in system. Every 45 minutes lights shut down which requires the employee to leave the containment area to turn them back on. After the lights come on, they push a button If they haven't checked in after 45 minutes, an alert is sent to the store manager.
  • Cameras can also be integrated into the system.
  • All information is captured for review so you can spot anomalies, such as employees on the move around the store — or not moving at all.