HVAC control
Create the right environment for success.

Ensuring the proper balance of air flow, temperature and in summer, air conditioning, requires constant effort and attention. We can design a RemoteCare HVAC Control System to automatically monitor all the parameters you require.

Wireless sensors are set up at strategic locations that connect to our secure web server which receives, analyzes and stores your data for future reference. You specify temperatures and air flow to create the proper comfort levels in your building and when to take measurements — by the minute, hour, and day — whatever increment you choose. Any alerts come via text or emails to a computer or smartphone.

  • If you have more than one property, you can control and monitor each through a customized secure, central web site. Check in via laptop or phone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Your system can also control building lighting, dimming, turning off or on at specified times.
  • Motion sensors and cameras can be linked in to provide added security.
  • Your system is easily programmable and stores audit logs for easy reference.

It's the most sophisticated remote automated HVAC control system of its kind.