How your RemoteCare Elderly
Monitoring Solution works.

Your custom designed RemoteCare elderly monitoring solution will be built on the Control4 smart home automation platform connected to a series of CloseBy Network's advanced wireless sensors. Information gathered by the sensors is transmitted to CloseBy Network's secure web server where the data is analyzed and stored by a sophisticated software program.

Monitoring solutions can be set up to send alerts based on the parameters you've specified and are generated and sent via email or a text message to designated recipients - family members, friends, neighbours or professional caregivers. You choose what you want to monitor, what information is displayed and who receives it.

Elderly monitoring solutions provide real-time proof your loved ones are safe.

You can be notified when your loved one gets out of bed, opens the refrigerator or medicine cabinet and know whether or not they're moving around normally. You can be alerted when they leave and return home or if a garage door is being opened.

You can also receive an alert if there hasn't been any activity within a specified time, if the stove has been left on or if your loved one pushes their "contact me" button for help.

You can also log onto a secure, privacy-protected website to view real-time elder monitoring information or a history of the day's events. You'll know they're safe and more importantly, when they're not.