Experts in integrated home technology.

Our skilled team is well versed in all aspects of home automation, custom integration, electrical, security, IT and programming. This extensive knowledge base allows our team of specialists to expertly assess your requirements, then custom design and install the most effective and cost-efficient solution possible.

We pride themselves on superior technical knowledge and strong customer service. We've chosen to partner with the world's leading technology and lifestyle providers to deliver the best 'at home' elder care solution the market.

We're hardwired to care.

After years in the business, we understand the concept of customer satisfaction. That's why we listen carefully to you and keep asking questions until we thoroughly understand what you need and what will be best for your loved one.

Our goal is to help them maintain their dignity and sense of independence while satisfying your need to see them receive all care they deserve. That's why we maintain a policy of professional conduct and respect for everyone involved.

Your satisfaction and the well-being of your loved one are of paramount importance to us. We guarantee every aspect of our service and equipment performance and will due everything in our power to ensure everyone's happy.

We're driven to innovate.

Our partnerships with industry leaders like Control4 and CloseBy Networks are allowing us to pioneer new opportunities for smart home automation, such as elder care and commercial applications.

We'll assess, custom-design, install and service your unique system. We'll also undertake to train and familiarize your staff to make sure they're comfortable with programming and monitoring functions.

Our team has the expertise and creativity for solving specific challenges and situations. Whatever you need, we can deliver a solution that works.