RemoteCare Automation.
An intelligent business decision.

Looking for ways to increase your company's efficiency and bottom line? Increased security? Automated lighting and precision temperature control?

Every business is unique. Whether it's one location or a nationwide network. RemoteCare will design a customized automated solution that your company will never outgrow, scaleable over time as your budget allows.

We use state-of-the-art applications linked to remote sensors that can monitor temperatures, control lights and temperature, detect activity and automatically alert you via text or email if anything odd is detected. Smart. Simple. Effective.

We get industry leaders working together for you.

Harnessing the power of innovative home automation technology from industry pioneer Control4, we integrate it with sophisticated wireless monitoring hardware and software from CloseBy Networks. The result? A cutting edge automation system for your business, designed specifically around your needs, built to easily add future services or functionality whenever you'll need them.

Easy to use, administer and program, these state-of-the-art commercial security and monitoring systems make running your business simple, efficient and cost-effective. Start by investing in an intelligent lighting control system and then add more automation features as it makes sense - smoothly and economically.

Protect your products

Does your business use freezers to keep food cold? A RemoteCare System can alert you the moment the temperature drops. Read more >

Protect your employees

Staff working 24/7? A RemoteCare System can automate lockdown and ensure all safety procedures are followed. Read more >

Control your environment

Managing a large commercial or residential building? A RemoteCare System can automatically regulate temperature, humidity and heat. Read more >