Independence for them.
Peace of mind for you.

Testimonial Courtesy of Grant Jones
and CloseBy Network

Testimonial Courtesy of Cody Fraughton
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Testimonial Courtesy of Rachelle Brueford
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Worried about aging parents? Concerned about their health and safety? It can be difficult to balance your care with their desire to remain independent and in their own home.

With a RemoteCare System, elderly loved ones can remain independent and you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing they're safe. All without disrupting their daily routine or compromising their privacy.

Can't always be there for them?
With RemoteCare, you can.

We've partnered with leading elder care provider CloseBy Networks and home automation innovator Control4 to offer highly sophisticated, unobtrusive systems that work for everyone.

A RemoteCare System uses a combination of wireless sensors linked to a secure automated web server that detects when something isn't right and sends alerts via text or email to you or other caregivers. Read more >

We'll design a personalized solution that provides virtual 'at home' care suited to your specific situation and budget. It can be easily expanded later as new issues arise. For less than the cost of one month in an assisted care facility, this virtual elder care system will provide you and your family with greater peace of mind.

Enhanced quality of life — by design.

An added benefit of using Control4 smart home automation is the ability to program it to make your loved one's life easier. For example, when sensors detect they're getting into bed, all the lights can turn off automatically. When they get up, the lights can go back on. All kinds of convenient features can be programmed, depending on their needs and your concerns. Read more >

Preserve their dignity. Eliminate your worry.

This is the perfect solution for seniors who want to maintain an independent lifestyle and not be a burden to others. Everyone benefits from the peace of mind our solution provides. Family members, medical professionals and most importantly, you, can rest easier knowing you're all connected.